Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wine of the Week

We stopped by Mondo Vino's tasting bar Friday night on our way to dinner at - wait for it- Meade Street (our "15 minute" wait was 10 real minutes this week).

Mondo Vino was pouring 4 very nice reds on Friday. We picked up a bottle of Emilio Bulfon Piculit Neri, an Italian ancient-vine wine that seems appropriate for our "Roman Holiday: Ancient to Audrey" celebration on Tuesday where Rpse, DHP, & perhaps CLC will get a chance to enjoy.

While a large party still sends me back to "The Mothership" , I find myself more and more loyal to my neighborhood mondo vino. It lacks the diversity (both ethnic and socioeconomic) of Argonaut but the service is awesome, the selection impressive for the square footage, and in addition to the weekend wine tastings (with cheese and real wine glasses) there are the free limes. The free limes are like a $1 back on your vodka purchase.

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