Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Feliz Nuevo Ano/ Resolutions

I am still full from our NYE meal at Lola last night. (DHP may break out in hives just reading the shellfish packed menu.)

1st course: Blue Crab Huit la Coche Empandas with cilantro-baked lemon crema (JB: Knife & Fork Ahi Ceviche) 2nd course: Lola Cobb with house made bacon, goat cheese, and fried oysters (JB: Lobster Posole) 3rd course: Diver Scallops and Smoked Pork Estofada with pineapple escabeche, green pumpkin fritter, and coconut-de arbol chile sauce (JB: Caldo Veracruzana- mussels, clams, shrimp, octopus, fish and crab in a spicy tomato broth)

So that leads us to our resolution: to cook together more at home. On the menu this week- Black Eyed Peas and Cornbread, Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Fondue, Shrimp with Feta & Orzo, Crab Cakes, and Orange Saffron Shrimp and Snapper Stew.


rebeckspe said...

I'm finding it somewhat hard to believe that the buffalo chicken with blue cheese fondue is from "Cooking Light". I'm positively drooling at the thought.

Let me know how it turns out!

ps. I'm enjoying the Griddler immensely.

codown2earth said...

Congrats! You have joined the Griddler Elite. It will change your life. And you- as a dish washer owner- can enjoy one of the best features: always one set on the grill and the other in the wash.

We had the blue cheese fondue for dinner tonight. It is awesome but we ate more than 1 serving per person but otherwise followed the Cooking Light recipe. (We cooked the chicken on the Griddler- much faster than pre-heating the oven!) I had a Goat Cheese & Pancetta Panini for lunch (also on the Griddler) and JB made french press coffee this morning so we did pretty good on our cooking more at home for a first full day back to work after the holidays.

Now we just have to get around to taking down the Christmas Tree...although waiting until ephinany is sounding kinda good right now as I am filled with blue cheese goodness and a glass of white wine.

codown2earth said...

Day 2.. not so good. We just returned from dinner @ Mead St. JB arrived home hungry & grumpy shortly before 6pm. I was still working and so we took the path of least resistance. Oh well. Another day tommorrow. (DHP left a lovely bottle of red at my house while we were out, too!)

DenverHotPants said...

I was looking for the Emilio wine, but they were sold out. The cute boy that was helping me recommended that one as a substitute. I may have to shop at Mondo Vino for the visuals. The boys at argonaut are not as easy on the eyes.

One of my resolutions is to cook at home more. And we didn't even compare notes. I'm on month number 2 with cooking light, and I kind of think it is a sham. They make their portion size extremely small in order to arrive at their fat and calorie content. Boooo!

InfoChef said...

Now that you all are cooking these fish dishes, I'd like a recommendation on best brand of bottled clam juice.

codown2earth said...


Friday & Saturday- We feel off the cook at home wagon.

Sunday Night- Pantry Veggie Chili with no recipe was a great success. Can of black beans, can of black eyed peas, can of diced tomatoes, can of crushed tomatoes, red pepper, poblano pepper, red onion, garlic, cumin, chili powder, Freshie's Bloody Mary Mix, hot sauce, & a half a bottle of beer. (Voted most likely to become dinner on Tuesday & Wednesday for JB whiel I am in Snotlanta.)

Monday Night- CL Crab Crakes recipe was a bust. We ended up having Crab Hash.