Monday, January 28, 2008

I heart big red f

manchego truffle fries
oyster shooters
house infused blueberry vodka lemonade
spicy shrimp cocktail cecelia
butter lettuce salad, burnt orange dressing & spiced pepitas
warm dulce de leche stuffed crepes, grapefruit
Left hand Juju Ginger
Elderflower-Apple-Lemon Margarita

I heart big red f
Jeepboy quote of the week: This is so good, I don't even care there is Jack Johnson on the radio.


rebeckspe said...

at which big red f establishment did you have this devine menu?

codown2earth said...

We were in the Republic of Boulder where there is a block of Big Red F delight. Fries to Lemonade were at Jax Boulder Happy Hour. The rest was at Centro a few hours later.

rebeckspe said...

i will be in the Republic again soon, after my six month self-imposed exile due to toxic exboyfriend ju-ju.

i will hit the big red f establishments at that time.

i hadn't been to centro yet! can't wait....

DenverHotPants said...

why does big red f want to kill me?

codown2earth said...

Shellfish is king at Big Red F