Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time to Think

...can be a bad thing.

Right after the agonizing disembarkation and shuttle process one experiences while traveling, I did my usual and shockingly routine buy-a-bottle-of-wine-in-the-bar-put-out-the-bath-mat-towel-fill-up-two-glasses-of-water-and unwrap-the-big-bar-of-soap routine. (And if I'm neurotic, I can't imagine CD2E.)

But all I could think about, despite my agonizingly long to-do list, was to race to get online to look up the symptoms for carpel tunnel syndrome and figure out how to increase the laptop's damn contrast on battery power (Fn+Up). Using the low-vision screen contrast version was going a little too far down Age Lane. And to check in with you all, of course.


codown2earth said...

In Snotlanta, I usually fly in the morning and go directly to the office from the airport. I make a quick after work- before dinner bag drop where I typically have coworkers waiting so all I do is grab my quart size bag from the outer pocket and unzip the big bag enough to get my zipper pouch with toothbrush, brush teeth & go. I do tear just the square with the room # to put in my wallet. I have tried to go to the wrong room too many times... perhaps the issue with staying at the same hotels so much. After dinner, I go to either the workout room or concierge's lounge to get cold water. I find a place to plug in my cell phone charger where it can be run through a handle on my backpack. I have never left a charger in a hotel room but it is a fear. Oh, and even at my tried & true hotels I set both an alarm & a wake up call. I am not a morning person.

Now in hotels I am not familiar with... there I always read "the book"

codown2earth said...

RE: carpel tunnel syndrome. Do you have a wireless mouse? I love my bluetooth one that JB got my for xmas last year. It has made a world of difference. I had a wired one before for my laptop but I rarely pulled it out of the bag. This one fits easily in a front pocket... it is about the size of my cell phone.