Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mysteries of the World

These things hurt my brain, so while I try to stop understanding them, I keep wasting time thinking about them:

How can you make REAL money in a VIRTUAL world by selling things that technically don't exist, or at least only exist virtually??

Why is there an active dial tone at the third line phone jack in our house that not only lets you call out (after dialing 9) but also rings (twice only, at odd hours, and is why the ringer is shut off), seems to be a static number that ranges from Idaho to Denver, and cannot be explained by the phone company???

If you gain money in an investment, but then reinvest same with the hope of making another profit, do you ever actually make any money or is just the same circle over and over again?? I know, Economics 101, but I guess that's why blogs exist--so we can let the world know how pea-brained we actually are.


Anonymous said...

I'm now adding "second life" to my list of things that are scary. What happened to our "dead to us" list? I would like to add it there as well. I hate to think that avatars are weathier than I am.

codown2earth said...

I wouldn't be so quick to write off Second Life. Especially you guys who provide consultant services for a living- sometimes from your home in yoga pants. There is great potential for grassroots organizing in Second Life where only your Aviator would have to wear grown up clothes. =)

InfoChef said...

Great--maybe we can contract you...virtually, of create and contract our virtual services.

I'd take you seriously if someone would give me about 10 more hours a day.

Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

It was enough for me to create a facebook page ... another great grassroots organizing tool.