Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cooking for Dogs?

Now, really, is this some pop-culture reference I've missed, or am I wrong to be totally confused that R. Ray is touting 'PET FRIENDLY' recipes????!?

Really? Seriously?!

I hope you'll all join me at the Party House this coming Sunday. BTW, we won't be having Ziploc Omelets (besides, WTF has time to scrapbook their recipes?!.....although perhaps I can subcontract the reproduction of my giant binder of magazine pages to Craft-AR, who seems to have plenty of time on her hands.)


rebeckspe said...

okay, now i'm thoroughly confused. i don't know who craft-AR is, but i'm hoping if i actually show up on sunday i'll be in the loop.

the reillydog is on a raw food diet, meaning he's eating as much people food as i am. he loves red bell peppers, brocolli stems and is particularly fond of mangos.

codown2earth said...

RRay had a pit bull named Boo who died and then she got another pit bull who she named Isaboo. The menu that can be enjoyed by people and dog alike is a monthly feature of her magazine. Almost monthly a reader writes in to tell her that she is endangering her dog by feeding it (cooked turkey, onion, etc).

Goofadors & mostly Golden's get dog food and the occasional table scrap. Do not tell them about this RRay madness.

Anonymous said...

I saw the promo for that show and thought ... oh, how very american.

my cat gets the left over milk in the cereal bowl, bites of pizza (his favorite) and the scraps cut off the chicken breast. He has decided that everything else I cook is too spicy ... including the good smelling fish.