Thursday, March 6, 2008

The PNC....You Saw it Here First

Sometimes-Craft-AR needs to get a life. But when she wins the Post prize (a t-shirt, BTW) in the Peeps contest, you can say you know her.


rebeckspe said...

I'm impressed....and slightly scared.

How do you have the time to buy and arrange multicolored peeps?

Great, now I'm craving sugar coated marshmallow!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! I love it. Who is holding the Peeps contest, and how the heck did you come across it?

InfoChef said...

You missed was some big craze, first this year the Washington Post and then the Denver Post, but apparently it happens this time every year. And I lied, the prize is actually $100. Who knew they had so many colors?!

This is the best, though, isn't it?! I know she will win! And aren't the candidates the best? That's even without being about to see the mini-saxophone on the 'caucasian' spouse.

Anonymous said...

Ok, who the hell is Craft-AR???

The Network said...

UPDATE: Runner up entry,

WTF has all this time?!