Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Peeps Diorama Throw-Down

Somebody please post the Denver Peeps Diorama results. I can't find them online. A friend of mine in Minneapolis sent me a link to their Peeps contest. Check out the first runner up - they did a diorama scene of a Peep US Senator Larry Craig - the bathroom scene from the Minneapolis airport bathroom.

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InfoChef said...

(Check the link in the post...)

I saw the Larry Craig diorama, but via the Wash Post contest--must be popular. Yes, I wasted several minutes of my life that I'll never get back looking at both the Wash Post (BTW, 800 of these freakin' people are NOT out saving the world, they are indoors eating sugar) and Denver Post (I know you're all biased, but don't you think that Craft-AR should've beat out the nightclub scene?!) entries...

Here they are:
(Here's the main article:

P.S. The librarians or our personal IT department will have to show you how to refine your search parameters.