Sunday, March 23, 2008

DJ Fire Update

The note on the door at DJ's Berkley Cafe has changed again. Now there is a phone # listed (303-482-1841) where patrons are encouraged to call and leave a voicemail with their email address to receive updates. Ummmm.... are you dense? Why not set up an email address for people to email? Or here is a really crazy idea- update your web page. That said, I am so calling.

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rebeckspe said...

The timing of the fire is unfortunate, as I think that folks are all ready to try it out after reading about the breakfasts in 5280. I hope that they get a move on with the renovations, otherwise people are going to stop driving up, reading the sign and then going to Gelman's for brunch, and they will start going to Gelman's directly.