Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring (Happy Birthday, InfoChef)

RCrs must all be out enjoying spring instead of slaving over the keyboard to blog... or perhaps suffering from food comas post-"Hi" birthday celebrations for IC.

(should i just go ahead and add a post label of "lame" for this post?)


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed today's IC b-day celebration! I was stuck in a committee hearing until 12:45. I'll be there on Saturday with a bunny suit on. No, wait, that's not me. I'll still be there.

rebeckspe said...

yes, here here! toasts to IC's health and happiness all around at the Hi celebration. I'm sure the Lo party yesterday was just as wonderful.

InfoChef said...

Grazie y muchas gracias, mis amigas.

Yum green chile at El Tepehuan.