Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Helpful Email Reminder Tools

It is April and that means the return of Street Sweeping. A juggling challenge for JB with his multiple vehicles. Denver has a new email reminder service but I would only give it a "C" because it is not linked to your address. To schedule your e-reminders you must either be skilled at obtuse web map reading or just walk outside your house and read the signs. (I opt'd for the walk outside method.)
Denver Streetsweeping Email Reminder

There is a better tool for Recycle Day reminders where you only have to enter your street address instead of knowing your schedule. However, I only give this tool a "B" because it limits you to a single email address per street address. Since we do not subscribe to the shared/family email address in our household, this requires someone to be the designated responsible adult.
Denver Recycles Email Reminder
Sidebar: IC will appreciate the irony that I lifted the city logo to
include in this blog post since I just told her how unprofessional I found it
that the Women Who Tech esummit panel presenters used organization's logos
clearly without the branding approval from those organizations.


codown2earth said...

Ugh... Another flaw with the streetsweeping is you can't indicate which side of the street is impacted on which day. I am going to have to set up a calendar tickler in addition. Grrh.

InfoChef said...

You might like this better, although it couldn't come up with my schedule so I didn't want to send my email out into cyberspace.


Also, I'd suggest you order the free stickers from the city, but I know you wouldn't have anything like a paper calendar to stick them to!

codown2earth said...

Oh, I have an email address dedicated to these types of things... part of my multi email address segmentation strategy.

I also am very aware of everything my organization does to protect constituent email privacy and so this type of thing is not worrisome to me. People who don't use the BCC feature on large emails and evites are much more likely to result in spam than a site with a privacy policy.