Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Buying Votes?? Help Me Understand....

As lifted from NYT commentary on the latest political endorsement,
"(Obama)has been giving the max. amount allowed to the superdelegates. Obama has given 3 times as much as Clinton. He has given $710,900 to superdelegates, and Clinton’s (sic) has given $236,100."

Okay, so not that I'm completely oblivious to the influence of money on politics, but could someone enlighten me about these contributions? Are they to the individuals who are superdelegates or to their personal or employment entities, say, a state government office where they are employed or a new climate change nonprofit that's seeking $300 million? And can anyone construct for me a scenario in which these are anything other than payoffs to secure votes????

Last question--isn't buying votes illegal?

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codown2earth said...

Based off what I saw, I think many of those contributions were made to Super Delegate's campaigns long before either Obama or Clinton had announced they were running for president. I think the research looked at all dollars starting in 2005 so all the Senators or Gov races (aka superdelegates) they supported for election in 2006 were counted in the totals.

There was also a twisted email going around last week comparing how much work each candidate had done that really portrayed Clinton in a false negative light. It was very unbalanced and frankly bullshit.

My good friend the data analytics geek used to always say, "well what do you want the data to say? Cause I can slice and dice it to support anything you want."

The longer this goes on- the more likely we end up with a McCain appointed right wing supreme court. ICK!