Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Gardening

It's time, May 3, for the Denver Mulch Giveaway. For those of you with pickups and trailers, they will use machinery (read: no labor) to load free treecycle chips. And while pine is not the best for soil, where else are you going to get this valuable commodity with so little effort or money?!

Good Dirt: They also sell (and load) mulch, although I've been told by the landscapers in my life that my soil is just fine as is. If you do need some dirt, I have a mound of it relocated from the parkway to the stockade (soon, we'll be announcing the rodeo...if you haven't seen it, it's a fortress to behold).

Garden: Check out our Eat Local link and if you can't make it through Animal Vegetable Miracle (I'm aghast at the thought!) here's friend-of-the-foodie Michael Pollan's way shorter version of why you should grow some of your own food.

Food: If you are looking for a CSA from which to buy your weekly vegetables, I've run across this new effort in town. Also, Eastern Plains Co-op brings in eggs and various meats to Park Hill occasionally. After 2 CSAs in 3 years, I am hoping to plant a few things under this pile of topsoil in the back yard, but it's just another project on the long, long list, right? Well, a few seed packets leftover from last year and the volunteer lettuces that are coming up over at the soon-to-be-building site should be a start....these folks want to bring back the concept of Victory Gardens which is a heck of a lot better anti-war strategy for so-called Democrats who threaten to vote for McCain.

On that note, Not-So-Safeway is undergoing major renovations but it's really hyping up the "White People: Come Shop Here" message and I might have to find a new 'old standby' to back up my regular grocer. When (not if, 'cause you know it's coming) they ditch the greens section, I'm out of there.

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rebeckspe said...

I'm seriously considering a CSA, altho 90% of what I found yesterday was already sold out of 2008 shares. Plus the produce at Sunflower is great lately, that I may just end up there all summer.....maybe I'll bike the 10 blocks to make up for it.