Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ginger Treats

Best Ginger Ale: Grown Up Soda (GUS) Extra Dry Ginger Ale
Okay so the best, best ginger ale probably involves a trip to the asian market to buy tons of fresh ginger root to make a ginger simple syrup to mix with club soda. But if you have no time (or energy), GUS is a gingery delight that no canned ginger ale- not even Blue Sky- can top. So far I have only seen it at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) near the Izze.

Best Ginger Snap: Sha Sha Co Original Ginger Snaps
Spicy and just sweet enough- warning: these are addictive. Lately they have been in the freezer at our house. You know what is better than a Sha Sha Ginger Snap? A COLD Sha Sha Ginger Snap! (Again, I have only seen them at WFs. Specifically a WFs location not listed on the company website as stocking these gems.)

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rebeckspe said...

Hmmmm. what's with the recent affair with ginger? oh, wait, I think I know.