Monday, May 26, 2008

Iron Chef InfoChef

A blogger from one of our Good Eats links, serious eats, was a judge on last night's Iron Chef America. It has become a habit that food bloggers are often found on the judging panel. Mysterious career choices aside... This reminded me that I never posted about the secrets of Iron Chef:

"Both the competitor and the Iron Chef are given a list of five ingredients
before the battle, of which one will be the secret ingredient....Chefs provide
the producers with shopping lists for each of the possible secret ingredients." Read More

Now compare this to the competition that our own InfoChef participates in where a box of random ingredients are handed over with little planning time and the sous chef is often an elected official. No list of possible items given in advance. No shopping list. Is Iron Chef InfoChef a rockstar or what?

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InfoChef said...

Of course, yes, but nothing that my fellow RC-er's don't do every night as well. Now if only I could limit myself to one hour, the stress would be higher but I'm not so sure the results would be that different.

Memorial Day menu chez IC-RC vs. Serious Eats posts:
apricot-rub brisket with carmelized onions, carrots, shallots & jerulsalem artichokes, steamed mashed potatoes with roasted garlic (only worth if if you have a steamer that fits inside your pot), and lower-sugar-extra-cocoa TX Sheet Cake with Croatian souvenir dessert wine

That's on the heels of a fab cookout with shrimp-pineapple-peanut sate, Bobs a la Yazoo's (what could go wrong with bacon?!), banana muffins with honey? butter, yum tamales, chick pea curry, TDF mac 'n cheese, greek potato salad, 'chocolate' cake, and what did I forget---PBR?