Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Sirius

Sirius Radio is live in this anti-cable TV household. Let the Martyrdom begin!

What lovely theme parties I should have:
Gospel Brunch
Sock Hop/Drive In
Z French (Canadian) Soupe Soiree
Sinatra Martini Night (oh, perhaps that's tonight, r-spe)

Too bad that involves work. We leave that to JB & CD2E.

And who knew that my genre of music is classified as Classic Punk. And that DHP's Death Cab for Cutie is considered Adult Album (so sorry). And of course, r. nesta would just love the all-reggae-all-the-time-channel.

Anyway, the blog is dead. Maybe our IT department could take a look at the PW site and see how she does the separate topic blogs and ads.

1 comment:

codown2earth said...

IT Department: Out of Office Message.

RCs IT Department is out of office on vacation.