Friday, June 20, 2008

???!! (open mouth, speechless)

OMG. Did you hear this? Girls' Pregnancy Pact (Albeit unconfirmed; I'm sure we'll hear more on this.)

Wow, I cannot believe how many things have failed at once here.
Or do they have a smart idea?! As one commenter pointed out, "By the time they enter the workforce, their kids will be in school." Another topic for the future reissue of Free Lunch....

Funny, I just finished Someone Like You by Sarah Dressen last night. This YA (that's library speak for Young Adult) novel talks about a teen who chooses to keep her baby sans father and prepares for motherhood with her best friend. Yeah, right. But that's why we love fiction, right? Oh,'s not fiction anymore.


rebeckspe said...

Its a real story. Unfortunately, it won't start a discussion about the real issue here: lack of boundaries and responsibilities being put on these kids by their parents who think that giving them the freedom to do whatever they want is all anyone needs.

i have much more to say on the topic but won't waste the first day of summer doing so. remind me on the next craft day.

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