Friday, June 20, 2008

Take your dog to work day

Today is take your dog to work day. I am lucky enough to have tres elefantes near by on a more frequent basis.
Any visitors to our house who has been advise to place their purse, shoes, or other items above 6 feet will laugh at this column from the Westword.

"....Oh, she also eats anything. Anything. Go ahead, ask me about something.
Adam, would she eat wood chips? You know, like the kind that are all over your back yard?
Yes, she eats fucking anything.
She wouldn't eat rocks, would she? I mean, those would mess up her system, right?
Yes, she eats rocks. I told you, she eats fucking anything.
Okay, well, how about a knife that you left on the counter?
Dude, who would eat a knife that got left on the counter...Annabel would! She eats fucking anything.... "

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rebeckspe said...

No wonder Reilly was particularly whiny when I left today. He had his "friday casual" collar on and was ready to do battle with his mommy!