Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Men are Skeevy

I write to share with you my disappointment today and the unfortunate subconscious association, now, of the Tattered Cover with perverts.
Not to remind you how hot I am--we leave that to The Speaker, ;-)--but to remind you that Men are Not to Be Trusted.

First of all--to the congenial man who PASSED ME A NOTE:
LIFE IS NOT THE FOURTH GRADE!!!! I'm sorry I couldn't read your entire list of multiple choice items, but just because we shared a power strip doesn't mean I'm there to pick up men. Not that perhaps the TC isn't a great place to pick up people, just get a little wiser to the signals, eh??!

Secondly--to the older balding slob closely perusing all levels of the tote bag rack and evidently not wise to the ways of the SKORT: I'M WATCHING YOU, TOO, YOU GIANT F***ING PERV.
He's undoubtedly kin to one of the drivers of the 4-cars-in-2-hours that parked alongside the kid-packed Pool in the 'Hood the other day, too. Just passing their lunch hour in the shade, I'm sure.



codown2earth said...

Downtown or Lodo?

InfoChef said...

Colfax, of course.

rebeckspe said...

I've got to get out more.

InfoChef said...

Go for it. I think I'll get out less. Sort of the cause and/or the result of my paranoia---can't decide to feed or starve it.

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