Sunday, August 10, 2008

More random shit

Mad Men is quite possibly the best show to air in a very long time.

I spent some time doing political work today with friends and here are the results of some of our conversations...

Re: John Edwards ... "There's nothing like poverty and blowjobs".
Re: Barack Obama's supporters walking around talking about his wonderful speeches and doing nothing real to elect him ... "The hope is palpable".
Re: Everyone we called in Boulder named 'Serenity' or 'Faith' that hung up on us ... "Fucking douchebags".


codown2earth said...

I agree that the Obama Colorado organization needs a better volunteer process- as a household who feels their willingness to volunteer is lost in a black hole. Need some way to profile likely volunteers. (I can feel IC being torn between her love of data and her love of privacy.)

codown2earth said...

As if they are RC readers, Obama folks not only called but also fixed the fatal errors on their website preventing sign up yesterday afternoon.

InfoChef said...

Maybe we have a future in political blogging....hahahaha!