Thursday, September 11, 2008

Candidates on Service

If you missed the televised coverage, here are 8 video segments letting the 2 candidates say their piece on national service, following up on the issue of TIME that promoted national service.

I'm biased, but I thought McCain was creepy, off-message, and avoided articulating any specifics, while Obama eloquently spoke about his superior knowledge and specific plans regarding the issue while reaching out to say that government and military service are equally important as community service. I did think that the interview questions left much to be desired; I thought they were biased towards Obama's views and also let the candidates talk about whatever they wanted.


rebeckspe said...

I watched this last night with the PD. He actually had to leave the room a few times when McSame was talking.... I found Obama to be much more conciliatory than McSame, which some people might view as a chink in the armor, rather than a aluable characteristic in a Pres.

codown2earth said...

This is on my Tivo but I selected to watch Obama on Dave Letterman from the Tivo instead.

ChristianLiberalChick said...

Still find it interesting that they had to keep the muzzle on the pitbull & put the yappy dog Giuliani on to speak afterword against Biden.