Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh, Poor Joe!

Sorry, but this is embarrassing...The Bidens contributed an average of $369 annually in charitable gifts.

While the Center for Responsive Politics shows Sen. Biden with a negative worth. Is he just another example of borrowing money just to get by in America, or is this the personal debt he's incurred while running for offices, or what, really??? Figures like this give me pause to literally look out the window and ponder what goes on out there in the world. It's interesting to browse around at the Center for Responsive Politics for investments, liabilities, and income of our electeds.

$165K annual congressional salary seems like it might be nice, but I also assume it would put you in a position to give at least a whole percent of your income, not to mention tithing. I'm going to assume from this that Mr. Biden is not a church-goer.

Now while it's a fact that the poorest of our country gives the greatest percent of their income, our congresspersons' earnings put them in the top 0.23% of world earners, per the previously featured 'richness' calculator.

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ChristianLiberalChick said...

Wish I could say it surprises me, but it doesn't. Most people still think they can't afford to give. They wait until all their bills are paid & try to give after, which sounds logical, but every financial planner will tell you that if you give first, you never miss it. Odd but true.