Monday, November 7, 2005

Weekend in burbs leads to major life crisis for DenverHotpants

Evidently eating a constant diet of tootsie pops and twizlers while holed-up for 5 days in your friends split-level in the burbs is not good for the psyche. And, while there are beautiful parks south-east of the city, walking in them is no substitute for simulated work-out in proper gym. These condidtion led DenverHotpants to have a life-crisis.

Here's the breakdown. On November 30 I will be 35 years old. I'm single. Unemployed. Overweight (but still hot-t). ONE OF THESE SITUATIONS MUST CHANGE BY MY BIRTHDAY OR I WILL BE EXILED TO LOSER HELL.

Oh god, 23 days and counting.


Team Caliente Pantalones said...

You are waaaayyyy HOT! Pack up that crazy cat and get your shit to DC...TeamCalientePantalones is looking for a new recruit! Mr. Chips said he'd make room for you in his lair. signed, HotPants01

codown2earth said...

I am at one of those points at work where unemployment sounds kinda good. GRRHHHH. Stess. Stress. Stress. But enough about me...
Hang in there. You are Single & Fabulous! (NOT Single & Fabulous?)