Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Traveling? Need coffee?

If you're keeping track, you might think I have something against Starbucks, as this is my second ranting post on the topic.

But it's really that I just want the local business owners to stay in business so that someday we aren't left with Starbucks as our only choice....you know the deal.

So now there's Delocator--which I've conveniently added to our links to the right--a website that locates alternative coffeeshops by zip code. (Did you know that there an appalling 43 Starbucks in or near my zip code--do you KNOW what is in my zip code?!)

So next time you're traveling and need some caffeine or even a nice spot of lunch such as at Urban Roadhouse--http://denvercoffee.blogspot.com/2005/10/urban-roadhouse-great-denver-find.html--who has a monthly traveling theme special, you can find out where to go other than the ubiquitous Evil Empire.


codown2earth said...

here is something funny... there are only 36 starbucks near MY zip code (& 35 local cafes)... and we all know where I live!!!

DenverHotPants said...

43 local and 37 starbucks! infochef & I must live within 5 miles of ea. other. I had a meeting at Monkey Bean yesterday and absolutely loved it!! http://www.monkeybean.com

It will be my new "office".