Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Warning: (insert your favorite one here)

Clicking through CoLeftyBlogs this morning, I found a link to Patriotboy via another CO blog, Coyote Gulch. Perhaps following Welker's example, there was a warning on CG that this includes profanity. I think our blog readers assume profanity and potentially offensive material.

In case anyone needs (because I know you all want) a Heterosexuals Only water fountain sticker or a Republican Jesus Mug, I have added a link under our shopping section.

Also, DHP reports that Betty Bowers, also available in the shopping links, has new items.

Blog posting traffic may be slow this week as DenverHotPants & ShitsnGrins are soaking up the sun and/or booze by the pool. We expect a humorous recap upon their return to the Mile High City.

1 comment:

InfoChef said...

Just confessing my ignorance; I checked out patriotboy blog and I didn't get it.

But, hey, that's what blogs are for, right? I'm pretty sure patriotboy doesn't care about ham, either.