Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Air Sickness Bags

Recap of a recent flight... Background: Due to internal politics & all sorts of things that are too boring and/or unfun to blog about, CD2E had to make a recent last minute business trip to attend several very icky meetings. I ended up standing by for an earlier flight in the airline club for about 4 hours but finally headed home- even got an upgrade- things are looking up.

The first 3 hours of the flight were pretty standard. There was a dog movie (8 Below) and there were cocktails. And then the seat belt sign comes on. And the plane starts a rockin'.

The first 10 minutes of turbulence were fine. The vomiting started at about 20 minutes. They ran out of barf bags at 47 minutes. And then the PA announcements started...

"The flight attendants can not pick up any more bags. If your barf bag is full, please place it in the seatback pocket in front of you."

"If you had the opportunity to use your personal discomfort bag, please roll the top and place it in the seatback pocket in front of you."

"There are no more air sickness bags available. Please ask your neighbor if they have an unused bag."

I cranked my in flight radio to drown out the noise & kept my head faced towards the window with only the woman sitting next to me (who thankful was not puking) in my line of vision.

We landed after an hour & 20 minutes. Coffee was brewed in an attempt to cover the smell and control the epidemic. Even worse... it became clear we were not the only flight circling the airport for an extended amount of time in rough air. Boy would it suck to be the airport cleaning crew that night.

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