Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oil & Gas Developers and the Army . . . Fuck 'em

Let's start with the Roan Planteau on the west slope. Easily one of the most beautiful places in this state . . . perhaps in this country. Its on my list for travel this summer, which I need to do before the oil and gas industry completely destroys the place. They've already done a pretty good job (see right) aided by our president and our former governor (a lobbyist for the oil & gas industry).

We have an opportunity to stop this development by changing the oil & gas commission in Colorado that rubber stamped this development in the past. The bill is going to be heard on Monday, so please take action now!

Now to an even larger disgrace. The Army is planning a 2.5 million acre land grab that spans from Trinidad to the Kansas border. This is productive ranch land and the people that live there currently would rather not have a live ammo and weapons training in or around their homes. The US Government is planning to use their power of eminent domain to take their land anyway. Colorado's legislature is taking action and so should you. Find out more here. The efforts of the landowners in the area has recently been aided by Colorado Preservation Inc. who put the Santa Fe Trail on their list of Colorado's most endangered places.
UPDATE: HB 1069 (to stop the Army's land grab) will pass the Legislature on Wednesday and head to the governor. This is a major victory to the land owners in the area and to Coloradans in general. Very exciting. Shamefully, the bill is being opposed by the Colorado Competitive Council which represents the Denver Chamber of Commerce and a number of other business interests in the state. Boo!

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ChristianLiberalChic said...

Keep us updated about this one! Thank God we have Dems in charge right now. It's freekin' ridiculous that the government can take productive land.