Thursday, April 12, 2007

Recipe of the Week

To Whomever Brought The Gourmet Magazine with all the Italian recipes to Craft Day:
Thank you, I am in love with this issue.

If you like these ingredients, I also am in love with this recipe:
Cook some pasta.

In a skillet, stir fry some cauliflower with a really healthy dose of olive oil (it will become your sauce), then add some garlic. When the cauliflower is done, add in some chopped (green) olives, almonds (or other nuts), capers if you like, and hot pepper flakes. Splash in some pasta water and a bit of bouillion (1/2 a cube?).

After draining the pasta, add most of it to the skillet and toss with a generous handful or two of shredded Parm.

OMG--this might replace the Bocaza burrito or cheese as my to-die-for food.

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ChristianLiberalChic said...

Now THAT sounds like my kind of cooking!!! Throw a bunch of yummy stuff in a skillet? I've gotta try this one! :)