Thursday, September 27, 2007

TV Premiere Week- Part I

Chuck: I wanted more Nerd Herd, JB wanted more realistic Sci-Fi. We both enjoyed the comment that Chuck was working on a 5 year plan just needed to pick a Font. In summary, no need to clear space on the tivo or purchase extra VHS tapes. This one is not-recording worthy (NRW)

Reaper: It was the Kevin Smith directing that sucked us in. It has been described as Buffy without feminism. Again, JB wanted more realistic Sci-Fi and Retail behavior. NRW.

Amy Sedaris on Martha. HILARIOUS! Not that you would expect anything else.

At this point in the week, our DVR died and had to be exchanged. I blame all the Robot Chicken and Family Guy that JB had stored. The damn cable person suggested we were turning it off. Lucky for him, JB was there. I would have screamed. It also took 3 calls to technical support until we finally found the guy in India named "Joe" who likes baseball & apple pie and could turn on the replacement DVR/cable box just in time for us to catch the re-run of Daily Show. Albeit with commercials. Daily Show- RW.

Private Practice Grey's spinoff with Judging Amy. Can it live up to the hype? Not sure yet but I am willing to give it some space on the DVR. I will just have to delete more Robot Chicken. RW.

The dual-DVR will be earning it's keep tonight with Ugly Betty, Grey's, My Name is Earl, and the return of The Office.


DenverHotPants said...

My tv viewing has been sparce this week due to cooking and reading priorities, but I did record all of Thursday's shows on ABC (damned VCR won't dual record) and will watch "The Office" online. I also taped "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and can't wait to watch them all in bed this weekend. On my netflix this week: The West Wing, Season 2 Disk 1 (can't wait to see what comes of the shooting cliff-hanger from Season 1) and Knocked Up (movie). Looks like I have a full weekend.

DenverHotPants said...

PS. Love the new look of the blog (yea, I know I picked it out). Thanks for stretching it.