Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why haven't we blogged about this?

Steven Colbert for President. It seems that way back on October 17, Steven Colbert announced he was running for president. "Go Gamecocks and/or Clemson Tigers!" (that one was for CLC) Ok, here is his official announcement. No sooner announced, was he denied a spot on the South Carolina ticket. Damn, there goes the only candidate I acutally trusted.

And, since Colbert used it in his announcement, and a term we are likely to hear in the coming months ...
1 a: a go-between in love intrigues b: pimp
2: someone who caters to or exploits the weaknesses of others

I, personally, can't wait for the political threat-down.


Anonymous said...

How many blog labels can one blog actually have? I blame myself.

ChristianLiberalChick said...

Then there's Tancrazy. He says he's not running for the house because one, the Republicans aren't worried, two, because he's "done what he can for immigration reform in the house", and three, because he's going to set up his own not-for-profit. On the PBS news the other night, he said he may not last in the Presidential run...he said he is confused - people tell him they love him, but then don't vote for him in the straw polls. Ahhh...if you can't run the real world, create your own. NOW I get it.

rebeckspe said...

Yes, Colbert was on Meet the Press with Tim Russert last Sunday (or two weeks ago) and I almost peed myself laughing. The interview might be on the website; I'll check.

It also made me resolve to get some form of additional tv stations (cable or satellite) in 2008.

codown2earth said...

Under the category of why haven't we blogged about this... Huckabee trying to link abortion to the illegals? Are you Fucking Kidding me?