Thursday, November 1, 2007

Non-legal ID Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants?

Plan to Provide Illegal Immigrants with Driver's Licenses Stirs Debate

I think Tancrazy's wall is truly crazy and I do certainly think we need to find a way to be welcoming to others, but...driver's licenses to illegal immigrants...SERIOUSLY???

EVEN BETTER are the reasons why. "They're driving on our streets so we should be sure they know how to drive." REALLY? Cause they're doing a stellar job of training the legal drivers? REALLY?!?!? OMG!!!

Ahhh, but reason #2 is even BETTER. Terrorism. That's right, getting illegal immigrants to register for a driver's license is a good way to prevent terrorism. Oh, and it's not amnesty, but those who register don't have to worry about being deported (even terrorists...the government just wants to know who they are.)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...these aren't to be considered legal ID, because, of course, they're issued to illegal immigrants. The police in Tennessee said if the government issues it, it's legal ID, regardless of what it says. So Tennessee didn't do it. Apparently New York doesn't get that concept. Scary when the south makes more sense, huh.

I could go on and on and on and on about this completely George Bush-like insane idea, but I won't, for now...


codown2earth said...

Some ongoing driver education ain't necessarily a bad thing for everyone. Driving on Federal Blvd does often remind me of the Central American roads. That said, the idea of creating a registration system for the illegals seems like a call for dummies. I image deportation would be much easier if you have a list of names to check off.

On Real Time last night, Bill Maher spoke to the bogus issue here (it's not like 12 million people just arrived, they have been working here for a long damn time). He suggested that states should add a National Guard Draft to their ballots to motivate youth to show up at the election.

ChristianLiberalChick said...

I suppose I should have frustration is one, that they're saying it's an ID to say the person isn't legal and tow, that they're saying it's to help find terrorists. I suppose it is silent amnesty...not a bad thing?

As for the drivers training - it seems to only last for a short period of time. I wish EVERYONE had to take a driving test to renew their license. I came to a stop 4 times on i-25 the other night for NO reason...people just slammed on their brakes. I can only guess it's because of merging traffic. Seriously, I'm a bit annoyed that people get on the interstate who cannot seem to handle it!!!

DenverHotPants said...

Here's my driver's education for everyone:
1. On a two lane highway, the right lane is for driving, the left lane is for passing. Since 2006, Colorado Highway Patrol is finally enforcing this. Take note dumb-ass drivers on the I-25 corridor from Denver to Colorado Springs!
2. On a 4 lane highway (this one I learned in Driver's Ed - mandatory in LA) Lane 1 for entering/exiting; Lane 2 for Semi's; Lane 3 for speedlimit drivers in cars/suv's etc.; Lane 4 is the Fast Lane - meaning you must be driving at least 5 mph over the speed limit. And I don't want to hear your "that's illegal" crap. Get the fuck out of the way anyway.