Wednesday, September 27, 2006

RC Voter Guide

No on Referendum E: Extends the senior property tax break to disabled veterans.
No on Referendum F: Modifies recall election laws.
No on Referendum H: Eliminates state business tax deductions for employers who can't verify their employees are U.S. citizens.
No on Referendum J: Requires school districts to spend a portion of their budgets on certain operations.
No on Referendum K: Authorizes the state attorney general to sue the federal government to demand enforcement of federal immigration laws.
No on Amendment 38: Makes it easier for citizens to propose initiatives at alllevels of state and local government.
No on Amendment 39: Similar to Referendum J, it puts requirements on school district spending.
No on Amendment 40: Limits terms that Colorado Supreme Court and Court ofAppeals judges can serve.
No on Amendment 41:Among other things, bans public employees from accepting meals, sporting tickets and other freebies worth $50 or more.
No on Amendment 42: Raises the minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $6.85 perhour for most workers, and makes annual adjustments for inflation.
No on Amendment 43: Defines marriage in Colorado as only a union between one man and one woman.
No on 1A: Establishes a voucher program for preschool.

Here is a link to another progressive blog's voter guide: wash park prophet voter guide There is a "why" section for the thinking types. That said, the key to RC's guide is SNGs simple philosophy: If you become overwhelmed in the voting booth and panic: JUST VOTE NO! Our gay (Yes on I) and pot smoking (Yes on 44) friends will forgive you.


InfoChef said...

Is this our new bumper sticker design??

I see the Colorado resemblance. When can we order?

DenverHotPants said...

Seriously, where can I order tchotchkes? Also, can I add comments to the above "vote no" statements? I'd also like to add something on 1A.

Thank you CD2E for taking the initiative. Our mission was on the lowdown until now.

codown2earth said...

1A has been added. I am working on getting a more pixel rich logo for infochef for tchotchkes.

codown2earth said...

sorry for the delay in the logo.